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Made in the USA by the Aussie chick

Jodi B Wise is a native Australian who currently resides in Los Angeles.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Western Australia and a Masters degree from Art’s Educational school in London.  She then moved to Hollywood where she works as an actress in Film, Television and Theatre.  With an undeniable love for fashion (always taking a wardrobe credit on her films) she launched her own clothing label in 2004. Her first line consisted of simple pieces made out of beautiful silks to “glamm” up the casual tee shirt and jeans look.  She now has a full apparel line consisting mainly of tops and dresses.  She has stuck true to her roots and continued to construct beautiful layering pieces.  Her fabrics are sourced from all around the globe and are unique to her aesthetic.  Always maintaining a sense of “urban glamour” her two main loves are all things Asian and Deco. Never one to follow the trends, she is inspired to design clothes that reflect the strength and elegance implicit in the spirit of women.  Highlighting always their power, femininity and edge and ability to be themselves.